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Everyone knows the problems which the National Health Service is currently going through – and they are unlikely to be resolved soon, despite massive transfusions of additional cash.

This means that if you want first class health care at a time to suit you, rather than when the NHS can provide it for you, it is essential to make personal provision.

Medical treatment can be expensive, but its impact can be defrayed by private medical insurance that covers the cost of consultations, hospital care and operations. The problem is that there are now so many different schemes on the market that it can be difficult to decide which is most suitable for you and your family.

Cheshirehealthchoice is run by Mike Tilley who offers advice on all aspects of health insurance to individuals and companies, helping them to manage the cost of private medical care without compromising on quality or scope of cover.

We not only advise on health insurance but the associated fields of Permanent Health, Critical illness insurance,Life cover and Company Cashplan schemes. We also advise on group sick-pay arrangements for companies.

We can advice on:

Individual health insurance schemes –

  • Aiming to save money on your private health insurance, ensuring that your cover is the best available for the right cost.

Group health insurance schemes -

  • Identifying the best PMI cover available for companies and large groups.

Group Income replacement schemes-

  • Providing an income for employees and groups, in the event of accident or long term ill health.

Company Cashplan schemes

  • Providing immediate benefits all glasses and Dental treatment etc. For your employees and their dependents.

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Mike Tilley